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MEPs issue warning about ethnic cleansing in Armenia

While on a recent fact finding mission to Armenia, Members of European Parliament, including German ECR MEP Lars Patrick Berg, have issued a warning about ethnic cleansing in Armenia, thereby strongly condemning Azerbaijan for its aggression and breach of Armenia’s territorial integrity.

They warned in particular that if Artsakh falls under Azerbaijani rule, there is a threat of ethnic cleansing.

They also highlighted the atrocities committed against Armenian soldiers and prisoners of war by the Azerbaijani armed forces, thereby calling for the need to hold those responsible accountable for their actions, Asbarez reports.

They specified that the European Parliament has no right of itself to impose sanctions, but explained that MEPs are able to influence other EU institutions to do so.

They urged for a settlement to the Karabakh conflict, while stressing that this cannot be imposed through “diplomatic blackmail.” They also lamented that EU institutions have engaged in double standards.

Separately, Aditya Bhan reports that “India has overtly positioned itself on Armenia’s side in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and has consequently opted to resist Azerbaijan and its backers, including Turkey and Pakistan”.

Meanwhile, Azeria President Ilham Aliyev openly warned:

“Armenia should not forget the lessons of the Second Karabakh War. They should remember that playing with fire will cost them dearly.”


Picture copyright: Sona Ghazaryan