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Libya’s Crown Prince presents vision to attract investment

An article in Forbes, authored by Joseph Hammond, features Mohammed El Senussi, the son of Libya’s last monarchical ruler, presenting his vision to revitalize and stabilize his energy-rich country. According to the article, despite the fact that “millions of Libya embraced the flag and national anthem of Libya’s former monarchy”, El Senussi “will only return if the Libyan people return them and are in line with international values as part of a parlimentary democracy.”

As the two main opposing sides in Libya are currently deadlocked on a new constitution, El Senussi stresses:

“The rule of law is something Libya clearly lacks and believes by someone who could put its primacy in the Libyan legal system. At that stage, Libya could attract the investors the country needs to diversify its economy”.

El Senussi specifies that his vision for Libya is one where one could have a Constitutional monarchy, with Morocco as an example:

“Reinstating the constitutional monarchy provides for parliamentary democracy and will give the judiciary its full independence again. This is vital for any nation’s aspiration for a successful path, including in business and investments. Transparency, stability, honesty, neutrality, and the rule of law are key ingredients for revitalizing Libya’s economy”




Picture: Map of Libya (Copyright: By Carport – Own work, using map data from administrative map by NordNordWest. The relief was created from SRTM-30 relief data, CC BY-SA 3.0, )