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Lars Patrick Berg MEP: G20 Summit should focus on global growth

In an comment piece for EUReporter, German ECR MEP Lars Patrick Berg writes:

“The G20 Leaders’ Summit, taking place on Bali, Indonesia (15-17 November) is an opportunity to focus on how to get the global economy back on track. Specifically, how to improve trade and economic ties between the EU and the major emerging nations such as Indonesia, India and Brazil”


“As the world’s largest integrated single market, the EU should be a driver of global trade; instead, we are in stasis. Trade deals with India, Indonesia, Mercosur, and others all lie in various states of failure or neglect. That’s over 1.5 billion people, with whom we could have better trading conditions, access to new markets, and reduced costs for European businesses.

This commitment to protectionism also harms those in the developing world who need trade and economic growth. It is a lose-lose.

The G20 Presidency of Indonesia deserves great credit for trying to bring back these important strategic discussions ahead of the summit. There are pressing concerns in Europe, yes: supporting Ukraine; addressing the immediate energy crisis. But we cannot lose sight of the bigger picture – our partners certainly haven’t. It is in the interest of everyone in Europe if we commit to that agenda – and secure a real sustainable energy transition and real inclusive global economic cooperation.

Enough of the petty bans and protectionist trade restrictions. Let’s go for growth.”