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Germany increases its military presence in the Indo-Pacific

The German army is increasing its presence in the Indo-Pacific, relying on cooperation with “partners that share the same values” – like Australia, according to an investigative report by Deutsche Welle.

The German Air Force thereby participates in an exercise in Australia, with six Eurofighter fighter jets. Around 250 soldiers are involved. In addition to the fighter jets, four transport aircraft and three newly acquired tankers for aerial refuelling flew to Darwin in northern Australia. This amounts to around 100 tonnes of material.

The operation is called “Rapid Pacific 2022”. Among other things, it is intended to show that Germany’s air force can also operate in the Indo-Pacific and is able to do so quickly.

The transfer of the fighter jets and supply planes to the stopover in Singapore was accomplished within 24 hours. In military jargon, this is called “strategic redeployment capability”.

Also in 2023, Germany wants to participate once again in a series of exercises in Australia, this time with the Army, DW notes. This was reportedly announced by Germany’s top military leadership at the end of August.

Eberhard Zorn, a German general who serves as the 16th and incumbent Inspector General of the German Armed Forces then said:

“We don’t want to provoke anyone with our presence, but we also want to send a clear signal of solidarity to partners that share our values.”

Commenting on the developments, German ECR MEP Lars Patrick Berg stated:

“For Germany and for Europe, the Indo-Pacific is of geopolitical importance! Secure trade routes and the development of security ties, especially with India, must in that regard be a priority.”