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German ECR MEP Lars Patrick Berg urges for more attention for the Horn of Africa

The UN have warned that more than 3.5 million children risk dropping out of school as a result of the drought in the Horn of Africa, a number which has more than tripled in the last half year.

Abhiyan Jung Rana, Unicef’s education adviser for eastern and southern Africa tells The Guardian:

“In the Horn of Africa, there are about 15 million children out of school, including these countries. But the fear is that because of the drought an additional 3.6 million more children will drop out as they’re moving with their parents to different areas away from their school.”

In my new statement, German ECR MEP Lars PAtrick Berg discusses the situation in the Horn of Africa and the importance of and relationship with the European Union, urging more Western attention for the region:

Meanwhile, China’s special envoy for the Horn of Africa, Xue Bing, met with Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki, combining it with a visit to Djibouti, which hosts China’s first overseas military base. Bing stated that China thinks the region is important as a result of its strategic location.