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“France’s time in Africa is up”

During the coup in Gabon, the army has warned that a “continued deterioration of social cohesion” threatens to “lead the country into chaos”, announcing the annulment of elections and the dissolution of institutions.

This follows Gabonese Elections Centre, whereby it was officially announced that there had been a victory by Ali Bongo with 64.27% of the vote. Afterwards, twelve members of the military appeared on television on the Gabon 24 channel, whose headquarters are located in the presidency itself.

The army members added they had “decided to defend peace by putting an end to the current regime”.

“To this effect, the elections of 26 August and the manipulated results are annulled.” (…)

“All the institutions of the Republic have been dissolved: the government, the Senate, the National Assembly and the Constitutional Court.”

Ali Bongo (picture) has run for a third term, reduced from seven to five years, in the elections, which included presidential, legislative and municipal elections.

Commenting on the coup, Professor Michaël Tanchum, who teaches international relations and political economy of the Middle East and North Africa at Universidad de Navarra, Spain, comments that “Gabon was a pillar of France’s hard power in Africa”, adding “This piece explains and predicted France’s time in Africa is up”.


Picture: Ali Bongo, the third president of Gabon from 2009 to 2023 (Copyright: By U.S. Department of State from United States – Deputy Secretary Sherman Meets with Gabonese President Bongo Ondimba, Public Domain)